3D Printing in Real-World Architectural Design

October 8, 2016 0

With the advent of 3D printing traditional architectural model-making is becoming a thing of the past. 3D Printers allow a digital design to be easily created as a 3D printed object with complex shapes by layering extruded plastic from a heated print head based on computer instructions. All of 3D printing technologies rely on additive manufacturing, which builds up objects layer by layer, replicating cross-sections of a digital model. The big advantage for architects is the capacity to simply translate the digital design directly into an object via an automated process, allowing reprinting successive refinements at will. The model can be sliced and diced digitally an only various parts printed which allowing for example cross-sections and components to be made


Street Furniture Puzzle

June 15, 2016 0

Interesting streetscape approach with traditional freestanding seating in the shape of a giant jigsaw puzzle. Monolithic seat in a leaf like shape, manufactured from granite or reconstituted marble. The components may be used singularly or joined together like in a puzzle, to form various shapes. Find Out More


Urban Acupuncture

July 10, 2015 0

All over the world, mass migration in the countryside to cities soars. Cities from La to Lagos will explode with citizens who seek new economic opportunities. As energy costs increase, the fresh water supplies decline and building materials increase in expense municipal budgets will be pushed. Substantial redevelopment projects that transformed Dubai, and $475m (£298m) open spaces like Millennium Park in Chicago are no alternative for cash strapped communities. So can Urban Acupuncture provide a solution? Urban acupuncture is an urban environmentalism theory which unites urban layout with traditional Chinese medical theory of acupuncture. This procedure uses small scale interventions to transform the larger urban context. Websites are chosen through an aggregate evaluation of economical, societal, and environmental variables, and


Berg & Bos historic city park with new allure

October 11, 2012 0

Berg en Bos is a city park rich in history. Chief part of this amazing park is understood in the early 20th century crisis years. Apeldoorn is stretched well beyond by the reputation of this remarkable park, which adapts important attractions including Apenheul. Middle component in the park is the large pond, dug out by hand included in unemployment aid works, and encircled by rolling and serpentine footpaths directing the visitor along idyllic vistas like the stone bench, the observation hill and the cascades, characteristic features of the graphic scaffolding of the Romantic era. Regrettably, overdue maintenance works and varied renovations have disheveled and worn down the park. By narrowing the trails in a classic-romantic sense and utilizing the newly


Valencia Central Park

September 9, 2012 0

West 8 presented a competition entry design for Parque Central. The layout was inspired by the Valencian custom of poetry and strong story. The layout is solid. The suggested materials are long-lasting. The park represents powerful local identity is and is designed for future and present generations. The fundamental makeup of parts and the elements are linked to the essence of Valencia, described on his poem by the Spanish poet Antonio Gala ‘Piropo a Valencia’, specially composed for the West 8 team. The Parque Central suggestion has its basis in the historic development of verandas and gardens of Valencia. The park is made up of sequence of distinct gardens where blossoms, trees and water are elevated to the greatest manifestation

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Nawkaw Concrete stain

Metal-effect on cladding produced with concrete stain to resemble brown oxide weathering

Nawkaw is a stain applied to concrete in order to achieve a desired colour. The stain permeates the concrete providing a long-lasting fade-resistant stain that can add life and movement to any facade. A post staining process allows for flexibility in colouring including multi-tonal applications. Nawkaw stains are suitable for precast concrete, masonry, cladding and brickwork.

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