Living Within, Malmo Small Scale Housing Concept

June 11, 2017 0

The likelihood of of offering new small scale youth housing within the existing urban framework by “re-activating”€ the in-between spaces in the large scale housing places in the metropolis. The chance for densification inside the current urban fabric to provide new housing that was extra needed for youth while upgrading these in- between areas and making them more livable and attractive. Within large-scale apartment buildings are usually clustered around a huge green area that serves as common room for the citizens. The huge scale of those in-between places and the absence of life /actions within alienate them outcomes in to turning most of those areas into kinds that are fenced as a way to gain a feeling of protection and

Constitution Square Warsaw

May 19, 2017 0

As an effect of the Treaty of Versailles (1918), Warsaw was re-established as the capital city of the current Polish nation-state. Styles selected for public and private commissions during the 1920s and 1930s range from historical to avant garde. The devastating impact of WW II on Warsaw means Warsaw is in large measure a city that is postwar as an estimated 85% of the city was destroyed. The rebuilding efforts encompassed both new construction and historical reconstruction. The architectural endeavors of the Socialist Realist period (1949-1956) provide powerful examples of architecture serving the state-imposed cultural policy first developed in the Soviet Union and after executed across the Eastern Bloc. Constitution Square is unique among Warsaw’s many squares in that its

Adelaide Zoo Projects

April 26, 2017 0

HASSELL designed two components of Australia’s Adelaide Zoo: its entrance precinct and its Large Panda Forest, home to the hemisphere giant panda zoo display. The result of an ambitious integration of organisational, cultural and physical schemes, the Adelaide Zoo Entry Precinct was designed throughout the central drivers of conservation, environment, education, and research. The brand new entrance was created to coincide with all the arrival of Funi and Wang Wang, the giant pandas anticipated to drive an important escalation in zoo visitor amounts. The entry precinct includes ticketing, management, conference and retail facilities, as well as public areas inside as well as outside the zoo. The primary building includes a purpose-created’ roof’, shelter for wildlife and extensive partitions of dwelling

Yellow Revolution

January 4, 2017 0

The Green Revolution of the 1950s was an anthropocentric approach to dialogue with all the environment. The Yellow Revolution must be a request for cooperation to nature from a new perception, a humble approach, understanding its processes and making our needs harmonious with them through technology and preparation. Our challenge is highlighted by the Yellow Revolution as landscapers on the scale of the urban landscape as agents of change that redefine the design procedure of urban systems. These need to be transformed into integrated systems in the landscape, they can’t remain a being object in the centre of the land, a parasite of these landscapes. The thing-city formed by disconnected bits must be transformed into an integral system of systems

Urban Landscape

December 4, 2016 0

Urban ecosystems are towns, the cities, and the urban strips or greenery built to link people to the natural environment. This can be the increase in the population that is urban as well as the supporting built infrastructure has changed on both urban surroundings as well as places which encompass areas that are urban. Included in these are semi or ‘peri-urban’ settings that fringe cities in addition to natural and agricultural landscapes. The urban landscape can be viewed both as a series of structures and edifices more or less organised by human action and as a panorama of social and cultural histories framing our present and inscribing our past. Seen in this way, ‘….the conurbation becomes one huge archaeological site

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Nawkaw Concrete stain

Metal-effect on cladding produced with concrete stain to resemble brown oxide weathering

Nawkaw is a stain applied to concrete in order to achieve a desired colour. The stain permeates the concrete providing a long-lasting fade-resistant stain that can add life and movement to any facade. A post staining process allows for flexibility in colouring including multi-tonal applications. Nawkaw stains are suitable for precast concrete, masonry, cladding and brickwork.

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