Ecolab CO2rridor

April 14, 2012 Donna Evans 0

For nearly a century, a railroad track linked the continent of Eurasia and Singapore to the Malayan Peninsula. This railway line wasn’t only a space from A to B. The voyage broadened horizons are ’sed by people and left new friends and great experiences to them. It gave the Singaporean a greater understanding of her/his own life in a bigger context and thrilled their perceptions with impressions and new scents. The Ecolab CO2rridor will continue to reveal new horizons and experiences to the Singaporean and visitors. The Ecolab CO2rridor aim to stage present qualities along the course and create sounds, scents and views distinct from the surrounding city by considering the existing landscape qualities and natural processes under consideration. The

Diminishing varieties of farmed salad leaves inspires humble project in Amiens, France

April 11, 2012 Donna Evans 0

As portion of the annual Imaginez Maintenant – a yearly festival in Amiens which encourages young creatives to experiment in the disciplines of architecture, poetry, theater and fashion – landscape architects Atelier Altern, Sylvain Morin and Aurelien Zoia formed a thought provoking active setup to bring attention to the mass decrease in farmed species of salad leaves. The collaborative group designed a modest 300 sq m structure for €10,000 which was placed on the islands of Hortillonnages and accessible as ‘barques à cornet’. that was to the public by boats known A 65km network of canals spread over 300 hectares and connects these stunning floating gardens. As they open on Saturdays for the gardeners to sell their wares working market

Planting Diagram

March 5, 2012 Donna Evans 0

Planting diagram Landscape is always changing and the change of colors is the most noticeable. These diagrams reveal a selection of plants for different habitats. It represents colours that are dominant in the landscape for one year cycle, revealing blossoming intervals and change of leaves through the seasons. This diagram gives you an idea what special landscape will appear during specific period of the year. It makes it easier to image what distinct landscapes will look like the planting will create. The diagram shows the 20 most important plants growing in coastal march habitat and shows the dominant colour of the landscape for one habitat for a 12 month period.

HCA hub

December 25, 2011 Donna Evans 0

Hewitt Galleries have simply finished the HCA Hub creating which forms a brand new front-end service for the School of Arts. The proposal delivers much-needed cafe, exhibition and admin room in a stunning quantity that is new. Using a solid sustainability agenda, the construction is shaped of glu- laminated and size – the the room as well as timber is naturally evening and ventilated -lighted. A pool that was reflective is utilized to equally animate the the room and mediate sunshine. Externally, the edifice is clad in anodised aluminium and western red cedar, although complete landscaping plan origins the building to the site, making a streak outside societal and exhibit areas for its own students and the Faculty.