Berg & Bos historic city park with new allure

Berg en Bos is a city park rich in history. Chief part of this amazing park is understood in the early 20th century crisis years. Apeldoorn is stretched well beyond by the reputation of this remarkable park, which adapts important attractions including Apenheul. Middle component in the park is the large pond, dug out by hand included in unemployment aid works, and encircled by rolling and serpentine footpaths directing the visitor along idyllic vistas like the stone bench, the observation hill and the cascades, characteristic features of the graphic scaffolding of the Romantic era. Regrettably, overdue maintenance works and varied renovations have disheveled and worn down the park. By narrowing the trails in a classic-romantic sense and utilizing the newly formed space to create inclines of green formed by turf, we depart in the omnipresent fencing and post constructions. Prime elements like the observation hill and the rock seat are restored for their full grandeur. The Apenheul is given a brand new entry route, which leads visitors through a cozy wooded feeling to the cashdesks via the World wildlife house. Like balconies, the modern romantic wooden stages provide a view of the classic romanticism beneath.. This synthesis of the old and the new supplies a gracious and active visual experience of the park. Building has become half-way. In 2012, the entrance square will be renovated and additional plans for an extensive natural and new catering services -play endeavor in the woods happen to be in place.