Hartlepool Crematorium and Coastal Landscape Memory

A conceptual project that draws on the most beautiful wildness of the North East coastline. A double approach, on the one hand plays on design of movement; a memorial and crematorium landscape produces a journey of mourning and remembrance. The design is kept simple to allow private interpretation and an adaptation .

A more subtle way of design takes is utilized to interpret and reinstate the derelict magnestie. This region has simple interventions which aim to reveal potential and qualities. Hartlepool Magnesite has had a rich heritage, playing a crucial part in the financial and social development of Hartlepool and consequently its memory cannot simply be erased. Keeping and working with all the types can the website hailed as a place in Harlepools culture.

The Steetley Magnesite was started just before the outbreak of World War II to make magnesium. The site changed hands numerous times and business boomed through the 1960s but finally waned, failed corporate takeover, and declared bankruptcy. At the outset of the 21st century, the chemical plant was abandoned and the industrial wreckage was all that remained.

The site was left partly demolished and the pier became a major attraction for local fishermen despite being unsafe and dangerous, a section was removed to stop anybody. The website owners and council also came for leaving the remainder of the site in a manner. In hot weather children may frequently be found swimming at the tanks that were ! These were then drained out into the ocean.

Artists have morphed these industrial remains into a dream world that was attractive and crazy by using their lenses, repurposing the relic of an industrial age into a landscape that could as well be the future as yesteryear. Despite attempts put up houses and to demolish the site, the birds have saved the day, their habitats also fragile to keep up with the destruction of this plant.