Modular Cycle Storage Hub

Many folks will get to utilize Dero’s new Bike Depot.

The modular storage protector can save up to 14 bikes, based on the setup.Designed to be used in places like university campuses transit stations, and buildings, the Bike Depot features a metal roof, heavy-duty wire mesh, and a steel framework. Its double doors have a latch that locks by key.

The doors may be stored fully open or completely shut, making the depot an option for both lasting and short-term motorcycle storage.Dimensions are 12x8x10 feet with six different configurations. The Duplex, holds 14 bikes, and the Dero Decker and Bike File fit 12. The perpendicular Ultra Space Saver and horizontal Hoop Rack each may comprise eight bicycles, and shops five.

Bike Depot units may be connected together for extra space.The Bike Depot comes in 250 powder-coated colors, and frames and meshes are all available.

The depot can be arranged with no net cage, if needed.