Adelaide Zoo Projects

HASSELL designed two components of Australia’s Adelaide Zoo: its entrance precinct and its Large Panda Forest, home to the hemisphere giant panda zoo display.

The result of an ambitious integration of organisational, cultural and physical schemes, the Adelaide Zoo Entry Precinct was designed throughout the central drivers of conservation, environment, education, and research. The brand new entrance was created to coincide with all the arrival of Funi and Wang Wang, the giant pandas anticipated to drive an important escalation in zoo visitor amounts.

The entry precinct includes ticketing, management, conference and retail facilities, as well as public areas inside as well as outside the zoo. The primary building includes a purpose-created’ roof’, shelter for wildlife and extensive partitions of dwelling native crops – therefore it functions as a horticultural park and research centre as well as an exceptional zoo facility.

A series of inter-linked forecourts unfold over 2,000 sqm, creating a normal transition and physical relationship the zoo and surrounding routes, parklands and waterways.

Once within the zoo, visitors journeying through the The Large Panda Forest will end up immersed in a landscape resembling the Highlands that is Chinese. The display aims to transcend best practice animal direction, having a state-of-the-art facility keeping cooled stone, water characteristics, facility and mature trees.