Urban Landscape

Urban ecosystems are towns, the cities, and the urban strips or greenery built to link people to the natural environment.

This can be the increase in the population that is urban as well as the supporting built infrastructure has changed on both urban surroundings as well as places which encompass areas that are urban. Included in these are semi or ‘peri-urban’ settings that fringe cities in addition to natural and agricultural landscapes.

The urban landscape can be viewed both as a series of structures and edifices more or less organised by human action and as a panorama of social and cultural histories framing our present and inscribing our past. Seen in this way, ‘….the conurbation becomes one huge archaeological site as the city reveals its inner self through a continuous process of urban renewal and revitalisation in which the very innards of the landscape are exposed and delayered like a vast anatomical dissection’ (Ron McCormick, Archaeologies : Tracing History in the Urban Landscape, 1998).

Urban landscape design is the action of taking a piece of land, regardless of how large, and assessing, evaluating and beautifying it. Most of the while, designers must focus on increasing or keeping functionality and usability for individuals and our animal counterparts in an affordable manner. This is not a simple undertaking. Urban landscape design combines the talents of architects, surveyors, landscape designers, horticulturalists and conservationists. They all work together to create a space that solves a problem, enh improves or maintains natural environment and ances the environment, including waterways.

By considering urban areas within a more comprehensive social-environmental system, scientists can investigate urban landscapes operate with that they interact as well as the way in which they influence other landscapes. In this circumstance, their surrounding environment affects urban surroundings but additionally influence that environment. Understanding this may provide clues about which other development choices will result in the environmental results that is most effective overall.