Vajont Landslide Memorial Landscape

At the night of 9th October 1963 a stone landslide of 9.000.000 mc fell from Monte Toc (Friuli Venezia Giulia, North-east of Italy) to the artificial pouch of Vajont, resulting in a wave that destroyed what she fulfilled. A lot of folks died and 4 villages were involved with irreparable and enormous damage. Since then, the Valley is still the exact same and only few interventions were performed. The Vajont Valley is that the space of void, isn’t the area of escape, of surplus. Is the absence of this existence which permits a process of involuntary memory who permits to remember what happened that evening. The absence of the S.Martino Church allows us to understand what happened and if we would rebuild it we’ll loose the void, the lack which would be the witnesses of this tragedy. The emptiness must be full of the lack to respect and protect it and not cancel it with a physical presence.If we fill the emptiness with a brand new building we loose the lack and for that reason the permanence of this memory. We have to testify the invisibility of what took place through the visibility of the few original and authentic elements: the fragments of the timber altar, the bell, the ruins, the trees… The winning approach suggest to keep the original fragments, then collocating them in the initial site integrating them in the new circumstance. To understand the Vajont Landscape, that can be a catastrophe landscape, we can not apply a traditional frame of references since Vajont is a space of absence in time of silence.