Valencia Central Park

West 8 presented a competition entry design for Parque Central. The layout was inspired by the Valencian custom of poetry and strong story. The layout is solid. The suggested materials are long-lasting. The park represents powerful local identity is and is designed for future and present generations.

The fundamental makeup of parts and the elements are linked to the essence of Valencia, described on his poem by the Spanish poet Antonio Gala ‘Piropo a Valencia’, specially composed for the West 8 team.

The Parque Central suggestion has its basis in the historic development of verandas and gardens of Valencia. The park is made up of sequence of distinct gardens where blossoms, trees and water are elevated to the greatest manifestation of Valencia’s garden history. They bring an atmosphere of the joy and of fertility the city exudes. A park visit will be an encounter of emotions and enjoyment. It’s a place for reflection and contemplation; enabling close moments with botany with exchange and nature. But additionally it is a location of action, a space for families, kids, sports, a period for shows and culture.

The many little gardens are laid out in the relief and in a pattern. The continuous presence of water emerging in various types highlights each feeling of the park.

The landscape that is driven away by urban developments is reinserted to the center of Valencia by this new blvd. Now an iron impediment, the railway reservation, will become a green aromatic carpeting that culminates in a big park; it supplies a new welcoming picture for the town.