Yellow Revolution

The Green Revolution of the 1950s was an anthropocentric approach to dialogue with all the environment.

The Yellow Revolution must be a request for cooperation to nature from a new perception, a humble approach, understanding its processes and making our needs harmonious with them through technology and preparation.

Our challenge is highlighted by the Yellow Revolution as landscapers on the scale of the urban landscape as agents of change that redefine the design procedure of urban systems. These need to be transformed into integrated systems in the landscape, they can’t remain a being object in the centre of the land, a parasite of these landscapes.

The thing-city formed by disconnected bits must be transformed into an integral system of systems that work in general. The green zones of the cities have, from this strategy, a brand new range of options that go beyond their present perceptions as leisure artifacts or cosmetic surgery operations in the urban landscape. They’re now a vital element for the right functionality of the whole.